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Accessibility, Usability and User Experience

You probably hear words like accessibility, user experience and usability used pretty often here, so I am writing this article to help put those words into context. Accessibility and usability are not only a big part of user experience and retention, but they also have an impact on SEO and visibility.

Here at Kirchner Solutions we are all about user experiences and designing easy-to-use and intuitive custom websites and software applications. That is why we take this topic very seriously, just like Google, Bing and all the other search engines.

Accessible Design

Accessible design

Computers, websites and mobile applications are not just meant for completely able-bodied people, they are meant and should be designed to be accessible and usable by almost anyone no matter their disability. The United States government went as far to include websites and web apps in the Americans with Disabilities Act. If your website or web app is not compliant with the ADA. Users may be able to sue you for having an inaccessible web page.

A good accessible website design provides context and information for accessibility tools like screenreaders, braille displays, etc. With a knowledgeable software engineer, most of these problems can be addressed within the markup and it's attributes as the website or software application is being built. Accessibility must never be an afterthought, you should always be very deliberate and consider accessibility in the early stages of design and development.

Usability and Experience

Just like a deaf person needs subtitles on a television to understand any sound or speech, a blind person will require a screenreader or a braille display in order to experience your organization's digital space and product offerings. Without these accessibility attributes in place, disabled users will have no idea about the content or what to do next, your website will be unusable and inaccessible.

With an experience like this, you lose access to the entire marketshare of bind people that might be interested in buying your products or services. Search engines such as Google and Bing will consider accessibility and usability when ranking your website or web page in a potential users search results.

Why it Matters

Accessibility effects usability and user experience for disabled individuals. The United States government has even included websites and software under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Accessibility should never be an afterthought, and should always be considered from day one of any website or software application design.

We can use tools like user empathy mapping to troubleshoot the accessibility implementation of our website design, as well as discover and troubleshoot any other usability or user experience problems. If you would like see what can do to make sure your website is accessible and ADA compliant, as well as to provide any much appreciated feedback, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help or accommodate you.

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