Backlinks: The Backbone of a Good SEO Strategy

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Backlinks and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a vital part of getting your beautiful website design or product listings in front of users and potential customers. If users cannot find your web page or website, they cannot buy your products or services. Google, Bing and other search engines use backlinks as factor when determining if your web page will be useful when a searching is looking for relevant information.

Links and Anchor Tags

A link is essentially a portal into your organization's digital space. Links are typically embedded in anchor tags, and take users to your web page when clicked. The anchor tag the link is embedded in should lend to the context of the content on your linked website page.

Search Engine Crawlers

Search engine crawlers from organizations like Google and Microsoft are constantly scanning the world wide web in search of pages from other domains that contain links to your website or web pages. This links are called backlinks. Search engine crawlers use the markup and content on the linking page, to assess the quality and relevance of your page before showing it to prospective searchers.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks need to be surrounded by a high level of quality. Google, Bing and other search engine crawlers are not just checking that your backlinks exist, but also making sure that they are not hidden, and that the content on your linked page lends to the content and context of the linking page.

A high quality backlink might be a link to a product page anchored to an article that is about some concept related to said product on your product page. Other quality backlink scenarios might be a link placed on a reputable business directory.

Blackhat Backlinks and Negative SEO

Blackhat backlinks are questionable backlinks that are placed, and often hidden, by shady characters on vunerable or seedy web pages. These blackhat backlinks are often placed by competitors that are trying to lower your website or product pages rankings in related keyword search engine queries.

Negative SEO campaigns are used to hurt the search engine rankings and possible reputation of a competitor. These campaigns often involve rogue backlinks, but can go as far as smear ad campaigns. If you ever think your website or web pages are being victim to a negative search engine optimization campaign, please get in touch and we would be happy to get your websites search engine result rankings in order.

Search engine crawlers from Google, Bing and most other search providers will penalize your website or product pages for each and every bad/questionable link they find to your digital space. Bad and low quality backlinks will certainly hurt your search engine keyword query results rankings.

Disavow Bad Backlinks

Google, Bing and most other other search engines offer a tool in their webmaster consoles to allow you to disavow and flag bad and questionable links. This will help to prevent search engines from penalizing your website or product pages because of said bad or low quality to links to your digital space.

You must do everything in your power to have said bad and low quality backlinks removed from what ever websites they might exist on. Just because you successfully convince Google, Bing or some other search engine to disavow a bad backlink, doesn't mean it won't become a problem again. I can promise that problems from bad backlinks will continue to arise until you get the offending backlink taken down.

Paid Backlinks

It is certainly not unheard of or unreasonable to pay other entities to generate quality backlinks to your website or product pages. You would probably be foolish not consider paying for backlinks.

You can expect one single high quality backlink to set you back at least $50(USD). This may seem like a small fortune, but if you go with the guy on fiver selling 500 backlinks for $10, you can bet that your linked pages will start to slidew in search engine keyword query result rankings.

Why it Matters

Backlinks are one of the factors that search engine crawlers from companies like Google and Microsoft consider when deciding how to rank your website or product pages is search engine keyword query results. Search engines not only consider the amount of backlinks to your web pages, but also the quality of backlinks to your digital space. Bad and low quality backlinks will hurt your websites search engine result rankings.

Competitors can run negative search engine optimization(SEO) campaigns, using techniques like placing blackhat backlinks, against your your website or product pages that will hurt your brands performance in search engine keyword query result rankings.

If you would like to know more about backlinks and we at Kirchner Solutions can leverage them to take your website or web app to the next level, or you would like to otherwise provide your valuable feedback, please reach out and we will certainly be glad to help.

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