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Call To Action and Web Page Conversions

There is a reason that each and every website or web page on the worldwide web exists. Whether it be that you purchase an item on an online store, request a quote for an insurance policy, or submit feedback for a product or service. When a user follows through with the action(or reason) of a web page, we call this a conversion.

After you have built your shiny new website or web page, and you have solved the problem of getting users onto your web page, the next(and mostly final) obstacle is to convince users to follow through and perform conversions.

User Experience

You probably already know how we feel about user experience, about how user experience is the most important aspect of any website or software application design. The User Experience(UX) and User Interface(UI) should be the first and highest considerations when engineering a custom website design or software application.

Call To Action

Every page or view should be intuitive and clearly indicate the expected user action. The navigation flow should be smooth and seem very natural. When a user reads your web page, they should know what to do next, and be convinced to do so. You have to educate every potential customer and convince them to choose YOUR product or service in as few words as possible.

A Call To Action is essentially a hint to the user what to do next. The call to action should be the subtle tone of the content of the web page.

The call to action is your user experience endgame. UX Conversions will be your bread and butter, they will pay your bills.

Why it Matters

The final problem you have to solve when building a website design or web app for your products or services, is getting potential customers to convert, and accomplish the goal of the web page.

User experience and UI should be the first considerations when engineering any custom website design or software application. When deciding to build a custom website, web app or web page, you should first ask how you will convince users to perform conversions, and that should be the central theme/goal when designing the rest of the UX and UI.

The Call To Action is a hint to the user of what you want them to do next. The call to action can be hidden in the context of the web page, and it needs to feel very natural. Not only does the call to action have to hint to the user what to do next, it also needs to convince them to do so.

A good Call To Action is essential to any successful website or web app design. A good user experience leads to a high number of conversions, and will ultimately lead to steady revenue.

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