Overcoming the Challenges of Running an Online Vape Industry Business

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Vape Industry Website and Software Design Challenges

In the modern day, vape industry organizations face ever-growing and ever-changing legal obstacles and regulation. From shipping bans and excise taxes, to flavor bans and age requirements, we must be on our toes and compliant or face large fines and legal battles.

Shipping Bans

The past few years have drastically altered the vape industry landscape in the US and abroad. UPS and FedEx have voluntarily introduced company policy that prohibits them from allowing shipping vape gear and vape products to consumers.

The USPS(United States Postal Service) passed a final rule in October of 2021 that bans the shipping of vape products to consumers, matching the ban on traditional tobacco product shipping like cigarettes.

Some cities and entire states have banned vape mail totally, leaving their vaping citizens with very limited options and very high costs, driving them in droves back to traditional tobacco products.

This leaves online vape gear vendors with limited options to ship their vape products to their loyal e-cigarette consumers. With small regional shippers being the last refuge of the online vape product consumer, shipping times and prices have drastically increased.

Luckily, Kirchner Solutions can integrate your infrastructure with nearly any shipping partner, and find your valuable vape product customers the fastest and cheapest shipping options available for their region.

Excise Taxes(Sin Taxes)

Not only has the vape consumer shipping landscape become increasingly complex, but with individual city, county and state governments passing their own excise taxes and reporting requirements, the legal requirements for selling vape products to consumers in different regions will fill the most seasoned tax and legal experts full of dread.

Not only are online vape product vendors responsible for collecting and paying the regional excise and sales taxes for each purchase order, each region has it's own very strict requirements for record keeping and reporting.

Any mistake, no matter how small, can be very costly and may even put your vape industry business in danger. We at Kirchner Solutions take data very seriously, and we are experts at keeping your and your valuable customer's data safe, as well as securely and redundantly automating the reporting required by each vape customer's municipality, and keeping your organization out of the governments crosshairs.

Age Requirements and Identity Verification

Age requirements and identity verification are an age old problem for all tobacco products. Not only is selling vape and tobacco products to underage customers harmful to the underage consumers, it can result in very hefty fines and suspension of your government required business licenses.

Failure to comply with local ID verification laws can put your entire vape industry organization at risk. We are experts at integrating with identity verification databases and API's, and we guarantee to provide you the most cost effective verification process that is not only easy for your online customers to use, but ensures that you are in legal compliance no matter where your customers are.

Why it Matters

From shipping bans and excise taxes, to flavor bans and age requirements, online vape product vendors face many complex and expensive legal obligations. At Kirchner Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to build websites and software applications that not only ensure that you are legally compliant in all the regions you serve, our solutions are guaranteed to be both cost effective and easy for both your vape product consumers and employees to use.

Please reach out and see how we can build the perfect website or software application for your growing vape industry business.

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